About the Book


Brenda Bevan  Remmes
Due for publication: Winter 2014

Liz Hoole, a free-spirited liberal from the Midwest, marries into a conservative Quaker family in a small town in rural North Carolina. She tries to negotiate the delicate task of raising her four boys in compliance with Quaker values but always seems to fall short of expectations. When Judge Corbett Kendall, the politically powerful father of her best friend, dies, Liz stumbles upon secrets from the past that threaten to unravel the delicate fabric that supports racial harmony in an easily divided town. Whether examining the history of Cottonwoods Plantation or ease-dropping on the latest gossip at the local Quaker Café, she finds herself burdened with the truth of an injustice that she cannot reveal, even to her own husband.

The Quaker Café dances with rich Southern characters. Miss Ellie, the elderly owner and gracious hostess of the café knows more than she admits. Debbie Bradshaw, Liz’s dynamic and colorful secretary, knows more than she should, and Frogbelly thinks he knows it all. Yet, it’s a lady-in-pink that stands by Liz as she goes through her most heart-wrenching moments.

Regardless of what happens behind closed doors, neighbors in this small town awake each morning and meet at the Quaker Café where good manners and hospitality rule. Only a strong sisterhood and a family that proves to be surprisingly tolerant can manage to start the process of healing deep, unforgotten wounds.

THE QUAKER CAFE is a special debut novel brimming with Southern heart. Catherine Drayton, InkWell Management, NY, NY.