My mother remembers as a child of two that  I used to stand on top of the two foot brick wall that bordered the public sidewalk in our front yard and wait for the next person to walk by.  The boundaries were set.  I couldn't go beyond the wall, but I could accompany anyone who passed from one end to the other where our yard ended.  Thus, I spent many afternoons walking the wall--asking people's names, where they were going and if they had any children my age who might want to come and play.

As a Southerner  I am still conscious of boundaries, but I continue to enjoy starting up conversations in anticipation of  the next story that falls into my lap.  I've lived my life in a family of storytellers, each with unique and wonderful characteristics of their own.  If you ask any one how their day was, don't expect a simple answer.  Answers involve details.  Details require adequate description and description comes with an obligation to entertain.  Entertainment requires some humor and irony in the telling of any good story.

My career has been in health education.  People who find joy in what they do are more self-confident, more optimistic, feel better, act nicer to one another and have fewer fears. I write with this in mind.  I hope my writing entertains you, and the stories I tell give you the opportunity to laugh a little while  acknowledging that good people sometimes make bad choices.  Bad choices come with consequences, but not consequences that are insurmountable.  We all have stories.  I was raised in an environment that values the art of telling  them.  I hope I can pass my stories onto you in a way that values your time and  meets your expectations.